Sunny D. Light - Right Now

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After a brief hiatus Sunny D. Light is back with yet another captivating offering. The Bellingham, Washington native linked up with producer Super Miles, responsible for Chaz French's "Happy Belated" and OG Maco's "Undefeated", for this return record appropriately entitled "Right Now." The 23-year-old upstart has spent some time away making sure everything was in order for yet another push. He inspires with this anthem that emphasizes to live in the moment and stop putting things off for the future. We all need to work to get it "right now" as tomorrow is not promised. In the wise words of Shia LaBeouf, "JUST DO IT."

DMV Beltway Bash: A Fictional DC Music Festival

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Virginia musician and writer JDVBBS recently penned a fictional festival which is strictly talents from the greater DMV area. The concept is brilliant and certainly something we could get behind as the District, Maryland, and Virginia music scene continues to show why it is one of the most promising in the nations. Unfortunately this is fictional but imagine if this lineup came to fruition as some point in the future. It'd be epic to say the least! 

Every once in a while I like to let my brain wander to far off musical lands where possibilities are endless. Dream collaborations, surprise guest appearances on stage and synergistic studio sessions with my favorite artists are usually what come to mind. On the heels of the Trillectro line up being announced I think I got a little lost. When I came to I was greeted with an idea for an eclectic, hip-hop centric, all inclusive DC Metro area music festival. 

 "Beltway Bash" is a working title, I'm not in love with it. "Bonanza" is more of a cornball word than "Bash" is though so it'll have to do for now. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy the concept of the two days being called the "Outer Loop" and the "Inner Loop" (pats self on back). I also didn't get far enough to the point where I picked a venue but this kind of event begs to be at the National Harbor or somewhere else close to water. There were other details in which I was far more meticulous about, aka the lineup itself. I made sure to exclude dopeness from cities that people are still on the fence about even being part of the DMV. If you claim somewhere south of Richmond or north of Baltimore, you were unable to "apply." 

 I tried to take into account what festival curators consider when putting line-ups together. Placing artists on certain tiers was a little bit of a bitch but I did my best to calculate the necessary factors. National/international impact was probably the biggest, as you can see by the headliners. Google results and variety in the sound were researched as well. I didn't want to choose too many artists that sound the same so there were a few direct comparisons and there were plenty of artists I left off because of how I felt their sound compared to their peers. 

 Last but not least, I added random nonsensical choices that would make potential attendees mad and fans rally to prompt adding their favorite artists to the bill. Sometimes festival lineups leave concert goers baffled and I've never understood why those calls were made. It may not be always on the curators though, I've had reasons to miss out on gigs. Every artist experiences it, so I took that into account as well. So if you're an artist reading this and you felt snubbed by this lineup don't worry, I designed it that way on purpose. Also, it's fictional. 

 Like a responsible curator, I've equipped a playlist to get you hype for the festival. The the line-up, down to the dates I scheduled the event, is fake. But lucky for us, the artists and their music are very real. Take a listen below.

EndyEnds - Revolution

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After a brief hiatus EndyEnds is back with a raucous new record entitled "Revolution" after his fans demanded some new content. He marks his return to the mic by rocking over an explosive Loud Lord production, which you cant help but scrunch your face in disgust with the filthy offering that Endy and the Loud Lord have blessed us with. This makes me want to hit the streets and revolt against the militarization and oppression that seems to be permeating throughout the U.S.

Rashad Stark ft. Mike of Doom - Mission

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District native Rashad Stark is on a "Mission" as he continues to develop his high energy sound and garner fans. His latest release picks up where his last left off as he recruits fellow DMV representative Mike of Doom to rock over a raucous self-produced record. This serves as the last release off Stark's highly anticipated forthcoming project Mark My Words which is set to drop soon. Listen as Stark effortlessly displays his sporadic flow over the upbeat production.

Russ - Too Many

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Russ has been releasing songs constantly over the past few months. However, "Too Many" may be my favorite to date. The self-produced song features Russ addressing his issues with lackluster artists as well the confidence he has in his himself. With infectious piano-driven production and Russ' catchy melodies, you simply can't listen to this track "too many" times. If somebody hits up Drizzy and gets us a remix, we could have the song of the summer. Until then, let loose and turn this one ALL the way up.

tylerWRIGHTEOUS - No Relation

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The entire DMV area continues to grow as a scene and arguably produces more talented creatives than anywhere in the country. Virginia seems to lead the charge with experimental offerings that push the letter when it comes to creativity. From top to bottom the Commonwealth has a drastically different sound, which can not simply be summed up. It's a beautiful time to be a Virginia-based creative as the state is full of them interacting on a daily basis. One talented musician who came to my attention recently is tylerWRIGHTEOUS who effortlessly transitions between harmonizing and rapping on his latest release "No Relation." The self-produced offering is quite entertaining and serves as a perfect introduction to tyler and his unique sound. This will be featured on his forthcoming project nimbus, which is set to drop this fall. Hat tip to the good folks over at Artistic Manifesto on the premiere.

Cruzie Beaux - Mrs. Dick Van Dike

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Bands come together and bands breakup. Musicians grow and branch out to different avenues to voice their creativity. This is life within the creative world. 28-year-old Kristina Reznikov left successful D.C. outfit Drop Electric and began making music on her own under the moniker Cruzie Beaux. We are sure glad she did as she experiments and pushes the boundary of her creativity on her latest release. "Mrs. Dick Van Dike" is a hypnotic offering that you can't help but vibe along with. The steady drum pattern guide us as we encounter sporadic crooning from Cruzie Beaux which further directs us throughout. This is a hell of a first solo debut and we cannot wait to hear more.

Dr. Millionaire - Nigga From Maine

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Dr. Millionaire is much more than just a "Nigga From Maine." He is a budding upstart artist currently residing in Richmond, Virginia. His latest release comes in the form of a powerful autobiographical offering, which Doc effortlessly flows throughout the soulful Conrizzle-produced record. At times he felt as if he was "born to fail" but years of hard work and weed smoke have helped him overcome many tough situations as he slowly begins to be recognized as one of the more promising artists from the capital of the Commonwealth. Press play and take a journey down south as we see Dr. Millionaire not only grow as a person but as a musician.