Young Futura - Gypsy Woman (Video)

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Young Futura is the collaborative project of District upstart Beau Young Prince and French producer YMNO. The two came together for an infectious new record entitled "Gypsy Woman" and a perfectly complementary visual. YMNO crafted a dance-laden backdrop which propels the smooth stylings of Beau Young Prince. The duo work in perfect harmony and successfully create a vibrant record that I could hear dominating the underground dance clubs that litter the District. The video is a beautiful piece of cinematography as we follow a mysterious gypsy woman as she dances throughout the night.

D.R.A.M. - Cha Cha (JDVBBS Remix)

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The Virginia music scene continues to grow and give rise to talented musicians throughout the state. From the Northern parts that border the District through the capital in Richmond down to the ports of Virginia Beach. More and more musicians from the Commonwealth are garnering national attention with their unique sounds. The latest to break through is 757 representative D.R.A.M. with his infectious single, "Cha Cha." Fellow Virginian JDVBBS recently put his own twist on the hit record and created an equally impressive offering. JDVBBS pumps up the beats per minute and adds a sultry Latin influence that you can't help but dance along to. The dance-laden remix shows off JDVBBS prowess for production as it does not overpower the vocals of D.R.A.M. but enhances them.

Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$ - Lose Control

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Woah! This new offering from Glass Animals and Joey Bada$$ is an incredible funky jam. The English indie rock band, best known for their hit single "Gooey," lay down a face scrunching bassline which Joey effortlessly rocks over. The New York City youngster aggressively flows throughout. Collaborations like this are what make music beautiful. Two different genres collide as two drastically different acts come together for the common purpose of making crowds groove.

Artist Spotlight Series: ISM

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More than ever in the current music industry, producers are being seen in the forefront and a lot of focus has been on the teamwork it takes to make a record. We feature artists all the time on DMB but one of my favorite discoveries of 2015 has actually been a producer. Raleigh, NC native Ishmael "ISM" Montague has been made impressive headway, working with the likes of Chief Keef, Nipsey Hussle, and a slew of the DMV's finest. Coming off the release of his newest beat tape, "InstrumentalISM" I caught up with the young fella to see what makes him tick. Read the interview below: 

 JDVBBS: Thanks for taking the time to do this homie. I've had my eyes (and ears) on you all summer but I just realized you were only 18th this morning! You've manage to receive a fair amount of success at an early age. What about your work ethic or your personality contributes to that success? 

 ISM: From a young age my pops didn't play about work ethic. Anything I did had to be the best that I could do, whether it was school, cutting grass, sweeping floors or whatever! I guess that carried over into what I'm doing now. So everything I do now I go 110%. I set a goal and I make a bee line to it with as little procrastination as possible. 

JDVBBS: Well it makes complete sense when you hear the "i-i-i-i-ISM" tag on a track. What beat was it did you hear that made you think "man, I want to start doing this myself?" 

 ISM: Its crazy because I remember listening to the radio as a little kid and wondering like " does the drummer make the hi hats go so fast in the beat??'. I was so young I didn't really grasp the concept of sequencers and quantizers and stuff like that. But as I got older I started to pay attention to beats and production more and even though I was kinda messing around with programs before it came out, Future and Metro's Karate Chop really had me like yo I have to get serious about this. Also, when I first started, I saw a pic stitch of Kanye. Top picture was him in some little room with a laptop and beat pad as a teen I assume, and the second picture was him stepping out of a Lamborghini. The caption read "3 Summers, 5 beats a day". This past summer was my third and I did just that and its crazy how things are picking up. I've put in far more than my 10000 hours and I'm finally starting to see results. 

 JDVBBS: So do you find yourself trying to make stuff that sounds more like Future or Metro Boomin or Yeezy? Or are you trying to make a lane for yourself? I know as a producer I would rather not be compared to anyone else. How do you feel about it? 

 ISM: To be honest its weird. I can't really recall being compared to another producer in my 3ish years of doing this. I think that's a good thing. From the very beginning I've been kind of searching for my own sound and made it a goal not to become the "___ Type Beat" Producer. I don't listen to the radio anymore bc I found all my stuff would start sounding like the Top 10 Billboard list, and one thing I've learned is that if you're sounding like whats hot now, you're behind. 

 JDVBBS: I always say "don't try to sound like today, try to sound like tomorrow." Producers are starting to get a lot of credit and what their name is attached to is important these days. How do you feel about being in the spotlight as a producer vs. being behind the scenes? 

 ISM: I think its dope that producers are finally getting the credit they deserve because its rarely a one man show and everyone should have their chance to shine, especially the producer. Nowadays you can have an OK artist spitting OK catchy lyrics on a dope beat and the songs a hit! The people will love it. 

 JDVBBS: The whole's gotta be greater than the sum of it's parts with every artist involved and both the artist and the producer gotta compliment each other. That's what turned me on about "Bryce Harper" with Fatboiz and Chris Styles, which was my introduction to you. All of you seemed to work so well together. How'd that collab come about? 

 ISM: I think it was real cool how that track came to be. I was chillin one day, cookin up as usual. Then I get a FaceTime call from Darren Hannible. I knew he had a job for me before I even answered lol. I picked up he told me Dj Chris Styles wanted a song for Bryce Harper. So I was like "Say no more..listen to this.." and the first joint I played on FaceTime he was like "Yeah...thats the one". So I shot it over, we did the paperwork and the rest is history!

 JDVBBS: I'll admit, it's one of my favorite beats of yours and it's been in heavy rotation on my end all summer. What's your favorite track you've released so far?

 ISM: Man its almost too many good ones to choose! I've been fortunate to work with really dope artists and every couple weeks I have myself a new favorite track. Most of my favorites are unreleased, but I can say my favorite that is out there would probably be BEllsANDWHISTLES By one of the dopest guys I work with. Cloud. Check that out. I think it's my favorite because one that beat is special to me it has a little back story to it lol. Also, his approach and tone on the track was insane! I was expecting a soft chill laid back joint because that's the feel of the instrumental. He did the opposite. Also he's from Raleigh too. Huge shoutout to Cloud though check him out on Twitter. We got an EP coming real soon "CLOUDISM"

 JDVBBS: Seems like you work with artists from all over. Who was the coolest person you've worked with and what about them was like "damn, this person is dope"?

 ISM: Other than Cloud, Zip K out of ATL and Big Flock have to be the coolest. For both, their sounds are so original, and they never fail to surprise me on a track. Every song I have with them there's a wow moment. Check out a project Zip just dropped that I executive produced called 404 ERROR. And look out for GLOCKISM coming real soon, another project I'm executive producing for Big Flock.

 JDVBBS: So let's talk about this new beat tape for a little bit. Insert all the flame emojis here. How'd IstrumentalISM come about? Explain a little of your thought process putting it together.

 ISM: InstrumenalISM was really a project to showcase more of what I can do. A lot of people have only heard a super small amount of my material and most would think it represents the whole. But I realized that and I saw it needed to change. So it was actually on my mind some time before I started on it. 837 hit me out the blue one day like "Instrumental Tape?" and I was like "Most definitely!" I shot him the zip file with all the beats, he did what he had to do with em! The numbers definitely shocked me. Honestly my goal for the whole tape was 10k views and MAYBE 700 downloads in the first month or so. But I got that in less than a day! It was real humbling. All I wanted was for people to listen and enjoy and the feedback I got was dope. Now the tape is at 50k views, 13k plays, and 5.8k downloads, and for an instrumental tape, thats wild. I appreciate everyone and their support. 

Malik Ferraud - Celebration

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It's a "Celebration" as Malik Ferraud is back with a new infectious record. The Baltimore representative is having fun and just living in the moment, which is all we can really do. The past is behind us and the future is never guaranteed. If more of us simply appreciated the moment the world would be a better place. Ferraud perfectly encapsulates this feeling on his latest release, which you can't help but enjoy.

Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire - Sweet Chick (Video)

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After a brief hiatus Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire is back with a gritty new visual for his latest offering entitled "Sweet Chick." The Brooklyn representative effortlessly flows throughout the haunting Alchemist production. eXquire takes us to the streets of NYC with his comrades for the dimly lit visual which perfectly complements the gritty feel of the record.

Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh & AWKWORD - Cruel Intentions

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September 17, 2014 the hip hop community lost one of the most selfless and caring artist and tastemakers in Praverb. He was always willing to help a fellow artist providing advice and an extensive list of blogs to submit to. "The Ultimate Hip Hop Blog" is the most detailed and useful archive for artists that I have ever seen. One can only imagine the amount of artists Praverb inspired and helped along his journey.
Kyle W. Knapp Creative and brought together Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh, and AWKWORD to pay homage to the late great Praverb. This serves as the lead single off the tribute tape #PTheWyseVol2. 100% of proceeds will go to the family Eric Patrick McNease aka Praverb aka P The Wyse.  

Mick Jenkins - HeadAss

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Nothing like some good ole rap beef to help get you through the week. The latest comes out of Chicago as we see Vic Spencer and Mick Jenkins in a fray. I don't know what started this rift but I don't mind. It has produced a savage response from Mick Jenkins as he addresses Vic Spencer's "Dick Jerkins." Jenkins response comes in the form of the Kaytranada produced "HeadAss" and it is not for the faint of heart. Jenkins really does a number on Spencer as he effortlessly flows throughout the ominous production with endless cringeworthy lines.