Al Hostile - Desiderata

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For his latest record Al Hostile takes on an airy vocal-laden production from Madbliss. Hostile sounds as confident as ever as he effortlessly brags throughout. Remember, this is the last year of him being broke so watch out. Hostile's sound is more developed than previous releases and this feels like a cohesive piece from start to finish as the lush production perfectly complements his rough voice.

Kali Uchis - Loner (Video)

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I got put on to Kali Uchis via my manager when she got put on a short list of dope artists I was told to work with in the DMV. That was back in early 2014, when she was being added to a LOT of up-and-coming artist lists. And deservingly so. I didn't do enough research or listening when it came to the Alexandria-bred singer/songwriter, for fear that she was cooler than she was talented. Commence repetitive face palms. 

 Her new track (equipped with visuals), "Loner" is dope as fuck. Uchis plays the role of a modern day siren, celestially lofting her vocals through the chillwave track. She's inviting you to be introverted but only by example. You can't help but envy how comfortable she is with the sentiment that she would "rather be alone." She's freshly dressed from start to finish and her hips are crazy mesmerising. In a way, she makes a statement against the "like-obsessed" generation we live in. It's a full on aural and visual portrayal of looking in a mirror and liking what you see. Or in this day an age, a selfie for no one else but yourself.

GoldLink ft. Louie Lastic - Movin On

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It's a DMV connection as GoldLink and Louie Lastic come together yet again for a funky dance-friendly entitled "Movin On." One of the District's most promising exports will be taking his talents on Mac Miller's G0:0D AM tour. "Movin On" serves as a perfect introduction for new fans and more of what old fans have come to expect from the young upstart. Link comes correct with his effortless flow and sex-laden lyrics over the disco feeling production. The two DMV natives are movin on and keeping strong as they navigate the dangerous waters that is the music industry.

Kelow - JigglyPuff (Video)

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During my first piece/interview for DopeMusicBlog, I briefly talked with Rashad Stark about how rappers are playing up more Japanese anime references in their tracks. Gambino had me hooked when he spit "everything I'm sayin I'm super sayin (saiyan) like Goku." It's something I clown out about with friends and my brothers all the time. So when a track called "JigglyPuff" hit my timeline I clicked on it IMMEDIATELY. 

 Admittedly, I had already used JigglyPuff as both a noun and a verb this week. For real, check my Insta. So when Kelow dropped this off it was right on time. The song comes dangerously close to sounding a lot like other rappers but there are a few dope rhythmic schemes (the whole Spongebob metaphor is dope) that keep her differentiated. And I can't help but think that the visual is based on the cosmic daze the Pokemon puts you in. It's such a well-executed concept on a theme that rappers have been screaming for years: "Y'ALL SLEEPING ON ME!" It makes the whole thing familiar yet fresh. Kelow definitely has a new fan in me.

Major Lazer ft. MØ - Lean On (Tribe Society Remix)

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In the midst of holding a job to keep the lights on, sifting through submissions for this blog and working on my own music there's very little time to discover new shit. And when I DO have the time, I tend to opt out, finding myself ironically bopping down the street to Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" or yelling "MIGOS!" before Quavo's verse on Chance and Donnie Trumpet's "Familiar." The odds are very low, but I've been trying to be better about finding new tunes to vibe out to. One of my favorite bands at the moment is Tribe Society. 

 These electro-rockers have a knack for flipping a track and making it their own (Check their cover of Young Thug's "Stoner") I think most people would take an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to anything Diplo previously touch, so I assumed the guys had an uphill battle when an old college buddy sent this over to me. I think the beauty of a cover/remix one's ability to separate it from the original. They nailed it, from the guitar line in the intro to the flute solo (yes, flute solo) half time break down. After you're done bobbing you're head to this, check out the rest of their SoundCloud page as well. You won't be disappointed.

Layla Khepri - Jurassic (Video)

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I love the energy that Layla brings to her whole creative outlook. Her style, her delivery and her entire persona is on display in her latest visual, "Jurrasic" from her new mixtape, Lottery Pick

 The Ichor Music Group product has got an eccentricity about her that can potentially be misconstrued as a gimmick. In actuality, she's just that talented and that refreshing. Her outfit matches the tagged up scenery well, she switches between choppin and swaggin on her verses easily and she's cooler than everybody, all within a two minute span. Do yourself a favor: Watch this video then go scoop up Lottery Pick as soon as you can and thank me later.

Jay IDK - God Said Trap

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"Who's next?" is a question that everyone in the music industry wonders. From the artist just purchasing their first microphone all the way to record label execs. Everyone wants to know who's going to be the next talented artist to break into the highly competitive music scene. I do my best to keep my eye on a lot of artists who are breaking into a new level of fame as both a fan and a blogger. As an artist, I have a little more perception on what it takes musically to make that happen. So when that question is posed to me in any context, Jay IDK is the answer. 

 It's no secret that I've been waiting with bated breath for Jay IDK's SubTrap to drop. Lucky for you (and for me) he's served up an appetizer in the form of his latest track, "God Said Trap." As a casual listener, King Trappy handles everything you want from a trap track. Bars? Check. Production? Check. If you peel those tangible layers off and get underneath the surface a little bit, the marriage between the lyrics and production (props to GameBrand and Skhyehutch with the assist) is one of the keys to why this song works so well. Jay I.gnorantly D.elivers K.nowledge with such a sinister tone and the synth bass line sounds like a you're preparing for a boss battle in an old Sega Genesis game. The second key is how well he illustrates the internal struggle someone deals with as a drug dealer. He literally and figuratively collects all things trap-oriented in the chorus chanting "gimme dat. In the verses, he weighs the risk vs. reward living that life. The track wraps up with an omniscient voice that brings the title back around full circle. In my opinion he knocks it out the park, again. "IT'S A LITUATION" indeed, I can't wait to add the rest of this album to my rotation.

PUCK - Ruined (Video)

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After a lengthy hiatus PUCK is back with a new visual as he takes us into his humble abode for a day in the life. He rocks over a raucous Lunice production and speaks on the trials and tribulations that many of us millenials can relate to. PUCK isn't the first and won't be the last up-and-coming artist that is looked down upon by a teacher or other adult who may not understand the passion of creating music.