Marky -Midnight City (Video)

For his latest #WinningStreakWednesday track DC artist Marky takes on M83's -Midnight City and has some cool visuals to go along with it. Check out the previous tracks hes released (-The Motto Freestyle (Video), -Blue Jeans ft. Lana Del Rey (Video) & Rack City Remix (Video). Heres what Marky had to say about Midnight City, his upcoming project Divine Intervention, and SXSW "I really dig how my team has a broad taste in music. From Reek hippin' me to Dub-Step, to Ian puttin me on to this M83 guy. The music is brilliant to me and I like to experiment with it from time to time. We're a few weeks away from Divine Intervention and word is it'll be dropping early for some ;). Oh, and I'll have some goods to give out while I'm down at SXSW (dates coming soon). Shhh.. keep that between us tho." Enjoy

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