A Dope Clothing Brand To Checkout: Apliiq

Apliiq is a dope upcoming clothing brand out of Los Angeles. They "collects rare, deadstock and recognizable textiles and applies them to everyday garments." There pieces are really fresh and unique. They're very different from your everyday streetwear brand that makes graphic tees and sweatshirts. Apliiq makes affordable higher fashion pieces. I was shocked when I first came across their gear. The amount of pieces they have and the quality of them was very impressive. They sell men's and women's clothing and have various pieces on their site. They have everything from hoodies to tanks to button downs. Something else that I thought was really cool about Apiliiq was that on many of their products they will donate 20% of the proceeds to various charities. For example, 20% of the proceeds from their Safari Sweatshirt will be donated to Rising International which is a "global movement that has pledged to end poverty in our lifetime." Another example is their Sherpa Tee which donates 20% of its proceeds to the Foundation For Women to "help fund microcredit loans to women worldwide." I always have respect for people who give back and try to do so myself! Below I included a few different items that I thought were dope and that may appeal to my viewers.

Best Find Button Down (purchase here)
Sauvage Sweatshirt (purchase here)

Deep Cheeter Tee (purchase here)
Ay Muchacha Dress (purchase here)
Smoke Rings Tee (purchase here)
Snake Eyes Tee (purchase here)

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