Yoh Issues: Jay Electronica Edition

After Jay Electronica's epic rant on Twitter, the official second staff member of the Dope Music Blog staff, Yoh had to get this off his chest. Yoh has a very unique and passionate style of writing that our readers have come to enjoy very much (myself included). I couldnt agree more with what he has written in regards to Jay Electronica and his lack of music and "Detox" status for his long awaited album. I will let Yoh speak more thoroughly on the issue since he has some serious anger towards it!

With the dawn of a new year a few days away, comes with the realization that Jay Electronica has once again wasted 365 days of our dying hope for Act II. We’ve seen tweets – based god knows we’ve seen tweets, instagrammed studio photos, even a picture of this alleged track-listing, and yet very little music. When did Jay Elect become a walking, drunk detox? Without the fans he wouldn’t have the Roc Nation deal, royalty checks from Mountain Dew, he wouldn’t be able to party with Puffy and his 20 aliases, he surely wouldn’t be able to stick his Excalibur into a Rothschild stone worth billions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s his talent that attracted the elation of hip-hop’s community, but aren’t we owed some kind of reward for our endless waiting. It’s going on 5 years since Exhibit C, we’ve acknowledged the fact that he’s able to out rap the general population, but what’s the point of being the God MC if you don’t bless your faithful followers.

I’m a known advocate of the “take your time and create something great” mentality - which is why the longer I wait my restlessness, creates an unpleasable expectation. When I think of Act II I assume it’s greater than opening a Nintendo 64 for Christmas in 1996. It’ll be both nostalgic and glorious like having a threesome with Jackie from That '70s Show and 2012 Mila Kunis. It’s Ready to Die doing the Doggystyle with illmatic in the 36th Chamber.  It will inspire an uncontrollable change like a President Obama speech or being inside Erykah Badu. The world didn’t end on the 21st because the aliens are awaiting to burn Act II as the sountrack to their world domination. After all the stalled time, I’m expecting a worldwide mardi gra with unlimited beads and gumbo. At this point I pray it’s better than Kreayshawn’s leaked nudes.

If the album drops and it’s anything short of high five from Chuck Norris I will wholeheartedly hate Timothy Elpadaro Thedford. When I say hate, I mean hate like summer flings hate broken condoms. Truly hate like Kanye and getting samples cleared. I’d be more salty than the producer who made All Gold Everything. I’ll be a raging ball of pure loathing like anyone who paid money to see the movie Soul Plane that wasn’t black. No, that doesn’t do my anguish justice – hate like anyone who watched the entire Inception and was outraged that Wikipedia didn’t know if the top kept spinning or not. Something about his latest twitter rant was extremely off-putting and while Jay Elect talents are flushed away with the regurgitated Jack Daniels, I truly wonder will we ever see the fruits of his alleged labor. After witnessing what the Roc Nation bench did to J.Cole(a grammy nominated lullaby), is it any reason to have high hopes right now? Who knows but if 2013 doesn’t bring forth at least a single, music video, sex-tape with Act II audio, then I will classify Jay Electronica in the same box I placed Detox, the next Outkast album, and Lebron James hairline.
Yoh aka Go Falcons. 

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