Has Twitter Made Danny Brown A Sex Symbol?

I was recently contacted by a writer by the name of Dave aka Trap Basquiat about an article he had that didn't fit the style of one site and was too short for another, naturally I wanted to give it a read to see what it was all about. My attention was captivated by the title itself "Has Twitter Made Danny Brown A Sex Symbol?" A very interesting question, for those of you who don't know Danny Brown he is a popular hip hop artist from Detroit who is known for his unique style of music and interesting appearance. I thought to myself "how could Danny Brown possibly be considered a sex symbol," but then I continued reading and recalled how many times on twitter I have seen good looking woman reaching out to him. I found this read to be very interested and I'm sure you will too. 

When you think of sex symbols in music, Danny Brown probably isn't very high up on most people's lists. However, a quick scroll through his twitter timeline will reveal quite the opposite. Dude has absurd amounts of vagina throwing some of the raunchiest thoughts under 140 characters. BangBros probably gets their scripts from going through Danny Brown's favorites. And these aren't hoodrat chicks wylin' for respect either. Most of Danny's twitter love comes from very attractive women. Lord knows what kind of things enter's this man's DMs. If you peep his Noisy interviews, dude has seemingly endless stories about freaky shit that chicks have done while on tour. These bitches may or may not love Sosa, but they damn sure love Danny Brown.

If you ask a chick what are some features of a “sex symbol,” I doubt many things would apply to Danny Brown outside of a strong sense of fashion. Missing teeth and wild ass hair are usually the identifiers of a drug user (but wait..) rather than a symbol of the sexual desires of the fairer sex. In fact, most dickrider, “haters” would say without his music women wouldn't care for him at all. However, being a famous rapper has nothing to do with it, in my opinion. Danny acquires his plethora of heauxs off of pure lyrical abrasiveness. Women gravitate towards him because he says everything they think and want done to them, but are afraid to say due to fear of not being seen as ladylike or as a slut. Essentially, he makes women feel comfortable expressing their sexuality. And in my opinion dude deserves a handshake for that (carry some hand sanitizer on deck though).

As a dude, you can't even hate Danny for getting women on the daily. Matter of fact, it's downright hilarious seeing dudes call him ugly, or pointing out his missing teeth or his crazy ass hair. Niggas will literally talk about how ugly Danny is all day yo. That's mad suspect. We talking Chris Bosh after the Heat won the championship level suspect. You mad that an “ugly” nigga with wild ass hair and no front teeth just knocked boots with the twitter chick you've been rapping up for months? Maybe you could learn something from dude. Instead of trying to be all roundabout with your game, take some cues from “I Will.” You might cop yourself a nice piece of cutty. Because if you didn't know, “I Will” is every female Danny Brown fan's favorite song, because lowkey most women want that. Danny knows that, and his female fans know that. And he will continue to reel in endless twitter chicks because of that.

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